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Metal Bonding Adhesive Films

Our word is our bond at Tee Group Films! Tee Group Films is known for innovation and we are living up to our reputation with our new TALON product line. This patented film, specifically designed to bond rubber to metal sheeting, replaces the harsh chemicals and solvents that are currently the industry standard. For more than 25 years, we have produced specialty corrosion protection films for the metal and steel industries. With TALON, you get a bi-layer film designed to protect metal substrates from harmful materials.


Our TALON film line holds together aluminum composite panels that are used to build everything from truck trailers to massive structures, skyscrapers, and convention centers. TALON can also protect different applications like underground pipes and in-ground pools, the options are endless!


We offer a vast array of adhesive films for bonding to and protecting metal surfaces. From basic peel-back sheets to high-end polar covalent bonding, our films will meet all your needs.


The advantages to our metal bonding adhesive films include the following:

  • High Temperatures
  • No Priming
  • No EPA Regulations
  • Even Application to Metal Surface
  • Expanded Shelf Life
  • Faster Application Times


  • Industrial
  • Automotive


  • Single Layer/Multilayer Film
  • Various Melting Points
  • Controlled Activation

Product Specific Applications

  • Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Electronics
  • Sound Deadening
  • Nail Tapes
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe
  • Bridge Decks
  • Boat Docks
  • Flooring
  • Car Side Panels
  • Earthquake Shock Absorbers

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