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Co-Extruded Film



Our versatile co-extrusion lines are capable of making a 5-layer co-extruded film up to 82 inches wide with several different embossed patterns. We are also capable of extrusion coating up to 82 inches onto a vast array of substrates.


Tee Group Films has fine-tuned our layer ratio and blending to control slip blooming, melt points, thermal conductivity, cross-linking and specific heats, which always allows our multi-layer films to be used in the most demanding applications.


Co-Extrusion Capabilities 

  • 5 layers
  • Up to 82 inches
  • Embossed patterns
    o    Diamond
    o    Sand
    o    Taffeta
  • Core and barrier materials
    o    LDPE
    o    LLDPE
    o    HDPE
    o    EVOH
    o    PP
  • Controlled activations and release from side-to-side